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The Legends of Hiro The Legends of Hiro

Rated 5 / 5 stars


totally awesome this mutha rocks!!! these are the instructions: all you have to do is get the magpie form the bird girl get the necklace from the tree using the magpie give the necklace to the scum use the plushies to stuff the big eared panda's ears get the scroll use the feather on the big nosed panda make him sneeze use the snot to fix the shnapps maker put the blue berries in the red liquid and give them to the guard girl take the sword go back to hiros house and get this wooden boat thats on his desk collect the termites with the ship in the bottle and use the bottle on the girl who's stuck in the barrel then take some of the green goo and use it with the helium thingy to make it a soprano then go back to the place with the girl who was stuck in the barrel and search to the low right for a spot that says "inconspicous spot" press the pick up button and you will get a fish take the fish to the red shnapps and use it then go back to the place where you fuond the fish and on the top left corner theres these leaves cut the leaves with this sword and use the fish on the machine that appears then talk to the guy whos the author and hell give you these sunglasses use the sunglasses on the girls who was stuck in the barrel and you will get a surprise!!then take the sword and the goop and the scroll to the psycic prophesy girl and the rest sould be pretty easy!

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